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Old LedaBunnie Photos & Discussion

We are the source of all the old and unseen LedaMonsterBunny photos you've seen floating around. We've now transformed halfly into an discussion blog for Leda, but we still post unseen photos every now and then :}
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Seriously contemplating re-opening this blog and making it active again. If I do more unseen photos will be posted if I can dig up anymore. I miss this blog tbh, it was entertaining. What do you guys think?

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Anonymous: I saw you answer this question before but I can't find it..what's the Leda clothes blog? 


Anonymous: I was really hoping Leda wouldn't start dating again so quickly. :| But oh well, can't really control it now can we? 

We can’t. I just want her to finally be comfortable and happy.

Anonymous: How old was Leda whenever she had her hair black (the first time)? 

14 or so I believe.

sm0ke-on-your-face: Leda stated she gave her self eraser burns and while i was watching a old pictures video (www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=3KKO8G9ALBo) It looks like it at 1:06 :o 

The link to that video is here. I actually made that video XD and you’re right. o:

sm0ke-on-your-face: i know you've posted it before but do you have a comparison of leda at her highest weight and lowest ? 

That post is linked here. :)

Anonymous: How did Leda afford her Canon 60D?! purely from youtube? I'm saving up for that camera right now, it's £400 and i'm an art student so don't have much money. I apply for jobs everyday but have no luck, so have to save up money meant for my food and stuff to save up for this camera ;_; 

I have no clue. I do believe her parents help her out a little too.

Anonymous: Leda has a 'swanfucker' tattoo? Link a photo please? 

Yes, the link to the photo of it is right here.

Anonymous: did you upload the photos from that almond milk photo shoot? 

Not yet.

Anonymous: Learning about their breakup makes me sad. Just knowing how something so beautiful and sweet can die just like that. I'm scared to fall in love because I love too deeply. I actually value people. I can't really date people knowing it's not going to last. Like that "if you can't hang" by SWS. "you're such a pretty pretty face, but you've turned into a pretty big waste of my time" I think I read Nathan & Leda are hanging out? I hope they get together again(forever). She was truly happy. 

I agree. I hope Leda can find happiness somehow, someday.